//Your Summer Music Festival Essentials

Your Summer Music Festival Essentials

Hi AvanHeart Family!

We are just thinking about the Summer all the time, but who hasn´t ?!

Most of us are dreaming about the Summer vacantions, and we can´t blame you. It is so hot outside! Bring the beach and the montain and that Mojito that we need to have.

To do all those things that make us happy, we need to prepare. Specially if you are going to a music festival. And Europe has so many!! Lucky for us!!

Those of you that have gone to some, or hopefully many, know that there are certain things that can´t be forgotten. At AvanHeart we love Festivals.

So here are your Summer Music Festival Essentials:



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Sun screen: Music festivals are evolving more and more, but there are some Festivals that still don´t cover some of our needs. So do not risk it and take some sun screen.



Food: Sometimes to eat out in music festivals is super expensive so the best and healthiest choice will be to bring your own food. But prepare a list of meals and quantity of the ingredients, and bring a bit more. You never know if you will have a moment to share.



Makeup: Most of the day you will probably be swiming in the ocean, a river or a lake. But at night is always good to have a few makeup items to pimp your style. Take our One4All, the makeup powder that you can apply to your eyes, cheeks and lips, and give that Summer glow…



Note Book: Your probably thought we where going to tell you to bring your phone or camera. Nope! That is not going to happen. Instead of seeing your favourite bands through a lens, just enjoy all the beautiful moments live without technology. Write down the best memories at the end of the day on your note book, and maybe one day, you will have written about your life.




Confidence: This is a big one. We see so many “perfect bodies” at the beach, with perfect bikinis, and perfect everything. The thing is, you are perfect just the way you are. And your body is the best and most beautiful body in the world, because it allows you to do the fantastic things you are doing right now.


Much love,

AvanHeart´s Team

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