//Wonder Woman is the Movie of the Season

Wonder Woman is the Movie of the Season

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It is blockbuster time, and Summer is the perfect season to see the movies that have been announced for 6 months, making us crave a visit to the cinema.

One of the biggest box office hit, if not the biggest is without a doubt Wonder Woman. Oh and we are so excited about this. A movie with a super heroin, that is strong, kind, totally dependent on herself, and created by Amazons! The best combo ever!

Wonder Woman is the Movie of the Season

Rita Silva, wrote a few words on the matter at Ivania´s Mode

“– This movie, Wonder Woman, will change the lives of the new generation of girls, that will one day be an essential part of world politics, medicine, economics, science, art, you name it. Instead of looking at movies where princesses are saved by the big strong man, they actually have a perspective that they can be warriors, fighters, powerful in all senses. Physically and mentally. It is so important to have something that is mainstream and appeals to that empowerment side of girls.”

Phenomenal Woman Maya Angelou

A movie that empowers women with a heroin, that is more than just looks, it is not just good, it is necessary. It will help the next generation to look at themselves with eyes of strength recognizable in a female comics character. It is priceless!!

To see the full article about Wonder Woman go to Ivania´s Mode!

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