Looking for a Cheaper way to Live in London? Londonist

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Rita Silva and João Camilo, the main team behind AvanHeart, are featured in the Londonist, about their lifestyle: “Looking for a cheaper way to live in London? Try living in a van…” By Kyra Hanson.

Looking for a cheaper way to live in London? Try living in a van…

Let us introduce to you the Londonist, for some that might not know the website and concept:

“Londonist is about London and everything that happens in it.

That means news, reviews and events; the history and future of London. We provide everything you need to know about the capital, as well as celebrating the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city.

Upbeat and eclectic, Londonist is created by a diverse team of contributors who share a passion for London.” Londonist

“Today, Londonist receives over 1.5 million unique visits and over 3.5 million page views per month.” Londonist

Rita and João living a van life style in London

You can imagine how joyful we were to know that AvanHeart would be mentioned in this article.

It talks about how Rita and João lived in a van, in London, while Rita was managing AvanHeart and João was working as a travel photographer.

“Finding out that most of England’s territory is considered private and not available for overnight parking (especially public parks) was a bit disappointing and stressful,” says João Camilo, a freelance travel photographer who spent seven months living in a converted minibus aka Jackie with fiancée Rita Silva. When they weren’t at Silva’s Tottenham office (where she runs AvanHeart Cosmetics, an eco-friendly makeup company) she and Camilo would stick to the outskirts, pulling up near Epping Forest or Lee Valley Golf Course.” Kyra Hanson

We loved the way Kyra told the story, so you should check out the rest of the “Looking for a cheaper way to live in London? Try living in a van…” article at the Londonist.

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