//Happy New Year AvanHeart Family

Happy New Year AvanHeart Family

Happy New Year AvanHeart Family!


It is that time of year where we all tend to think a bit about the past. The joys and the sorrows of 2017. Looking at the moments that are branded in our memory, with family and friends. We think about if we actually achieved that 2017 bucket list. Also, we wonder about the future. We wonder about how our life is going to be. Setting goals is a must for many.

I must say that at AvanHeart we do like to set goals too! It helps us to stay focus and on track to bring the best in ourselves and also to bring the best vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and multi-functional products. It is our objective to improve each year.

For this Happy New Year AvanHeart Family article, we will tell you some of our goals for 2018! We hope you do the same and share your 2018 bucket list with us too!


Happy New Year AvanHeart Family


New High Quality AvanHeart Products: This is a Big one for us. We are and independent and indie brand. This means the investment made in all aspects of the company is done by us, and not a bigger corporation. It means you can directly talk to us and make real change with your feedback. This allows freedom to decide all the paths to follow, without being pushed to one side or the other because of ownership or money related situations. It also means that we depend on your purchases to increase the amount of products we have for sale. At this point we are confident to say that we will have new products coming out in 2018, that will be available for you with high quality standards. It is because of you and your support that this is possible. Thank you so much!


Increase the AvanHeart Company Values: We are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, multi-functional and support social projects. But we want to be more than that. For now we can´t really tell you what value we will embrace but we can tell you it is one that for sure you will appreciate!

AvanHeart Full Shop


More Interaction with Our Customers: This year we improved our website, our online shop store, and also our presence in social media. AvanHeart is thinking about new ways to connect with you more. It is going to be a fun year 2018, for that matter we will show it all to you at AvanHeart Social Media and Website even more than before.


More Online/Street Shops selling AvanHeart:  This year we ended with a big bang! We have at this point 5 selling points online and in the street. Our online shop, the Meraki Online shop, Sensy Wellness Center (Porto- Portugal), Hair Identity (Porto- Portugal), and S’He Makeup Store (Coimbra- Portugal). We will work harder and harder to get our products to the best shops available so you can safely test our product before you buy it.


To Expand Always With Quality and Care: AvanHeart is getting bigger and expanding. That is something we always wanted. But we also promise to keep the quality standards high at all times in all areas of this project. For us it is more important to keep this promise and we will renew it every year.


Much Love,

AvanHeart‘s Team



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