//Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day


Letter from our founder Rita Silva:

“Days ago I turned to Rute Vigario and said I wanted to really change my hair style… She knows how I feel inside and how to turn my feelings into a visual reality… It was curious because the booking of the date for this haircut was chosen by chance. Only yesterday I realized that today was International Women’s Day. How fitting…

Happy International Women’s Day


I let my hair grow naturally and without coloring for almost 3 years. Needed to accept my grey hairs and my dark “oh so common” brown hair color. Started loving my hair and everything about it. I was happy with it. True happiness is the core of freedom. “I like what I see. Do I keep doing the same or do I change?!” And loving the grey hairs and natural haircut, I chose to do the opposite. Because I can love and respect both sides of who I am and how I express myself. The natural one. The creative one. The soft. The sassy. The light. The dark.

AvanHeart’s Second Street Shop Porto – Hair Identity

There are many of our sisters that cannot express who they really are. Our transgender sisters, that just want their rightful place in this World. Today, this day, is dedicated to them. The one´s that have to hide, the one’s that cannot work where they want to, that cannot dress how they want to, that cannot do their haircuts the way they want to,… That cannot simply be… My transgender sisters, you are loved, you are cherished and you have the Right to exist in this World exactly the way you are. Because you are Perfect! You are absolute Goddesses!! So here is to you and may the Universe give you strength…

Trans Women are Women!!!

Thank you Hair Identity !

Thank you AvanHeart Family



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