//Fun Mode – AvanHeart with Hair Identity

Fun Mode – AvanHeart with Hair Identity

Hi AvanHeart Family, today is all about Fun Mode – AvanHeart with Hair Identity

Saturday we did a little get together with the crew from Hair Identity and the AvanHeart Family! It was fun, fun, fun!

The Hair Identity hair and beauty studio, in CC Miguel Bombarda in Porto, is a space to be yourself with irreverence and style. As a result the crew will do everything to fulfill your beauty desires. Rita´s curls were done by Rute and Andreia! So cute!! Hair Identity is the perfect place to host an AvanHeart Party.

Fun Mode – AvanHeart with Hair Identity


We started organizing everything earlier… Some snacks on the table, our One4All at your disposal for you to test, and smiles all over our faces because we were so excited to meet you all!

What a joy it was!! Many makeups were made, talking about beauty, life, energy and the positivism of a World with vegan and cruelty-free products. It was amazing to listen to all of your ideas and kind words! Thank you!

Moments like this that spread love and happiness!!

AvanHeart Sparkle Event – Sensy


Thank you all that made this moment a reality! AvanHeart has the best customers, followers,… Family!

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Much love,

AvanHeart´s Team


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