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Fantastic Makeup Face Charts

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We had a break from social media! Yes, we do need to rest at times. But we are back in full force!!! How have you been?! Still on vacations?! Tell us about it!

Today we bring you one of the “hidden” arts of makeup. Before all this social media buzz, and networks, and videos, and photos. Before people started sharing inspiration with cameras, and high resolution images, makeup artists worked with Face Charts.

Fantastic Makeup Face Charts

In a piece of paper, a face was drawn, but just the lines that compose the face. The makeup artist will then, color it, with makeup products. The objective is to have a way to experiment with different colors and products, mixing them. To play with textures, understanding what works best. Face charts are used for bridal makeup, so the MUA´s can memorize the products used in the makeup test, and apply them correctly on the wedding day. It is used for cat walks, to show the designer how your models will look, and a way to show other makeup artists how to reproduce the look you made. For makeup students to practice techniques like eyeliners, contouring, highlighting, you name it.

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It is a fantastic tool, and you can use it too, to practice and to have more and more inspiration. And of course, we have a Face Chart done by Magda Moreira (a amazing makeup artist from Portugal), with our little wonders, the One4All´s. It looks like a charm!

So here are some fantastic makeup face charts, for you to get your groove on.

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By Magda Moreira








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