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Best Makeup Books

Hi AvanHeart Family,

We hope you had an amazing week! And yeahhhh, it is Friday! We need that glass of wine, outside, with our friends listening to the perfect music. Right?! We know it is true.

And for the perfect night out, enjoying the Summer breeze, you need the perfect makeup. There are several ways you can get info about the best makeup for you. Workshops, Youtube, makeup made in store by makeup artist, and several more.

Best Makeup Books

But today we will talk about the best makeup books around. There is nothing like absorbing knowledge from books… Old fashion, we know, but still it is something that has some magic related to it.

There are artists that spent years collecting knowledge and experiences, during a lifetime of work, to share what they know. And for us that is a true vision. To liberate techniques and looks, that are reachable to so many people, making them feel more empowered and beautiful.

So here are the Best Makeup Books (aka, Bibles!)


Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese with Rose Apodaca



Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown


Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge




Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin



Make Up by Michelle Phan



About Face by Scott Barnes



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