//AvanHeart Sparkle Event – Sensy

AvanHeart Sparkle Event – Sensy

Hi AvanHeart Family, let´s talk about AvanHeart Sparkle Event – Sensy.

Hope you are having the best of Holidays, with your family and friends. Also hope that the one’s who are suffering and in pain somehow, manage to go through these times with the compassion and kindness of others.

We are on party mode here at AvanHeart! We love to celebrate our company, our products, our values and of course the Holidays that bring so many reasons to smile…

AvanHeart Sparkle Event – Sensy


We decided to throw a little get together, with clients, friends, makeup artists, and all that support our brand. Of course we had to do it at Sensy Wellness Center, our First Street Shop in Portugal, to sell AvanHeart products.

The place is so beautiful, perfect for AvanHeart costumers to come in and spoil themselves!

To be able to connect with the people that like our brand is priceless. We learn so much from each makeup we do, each word spoken. It is a privilege to spread a positive message about makeup and beauty.

To all that participated a big thank you! You are all special, unique unicorns!

Happy Holidays!!!


Much love,

AvanHeart´s Team



Photos: João Camilo


Address: Sensy Wellness Center, Rua de Costa Cabral 501, 4200-223 Porto, Portugal

Phone:  961 510 202

Opening Times: · 10:00–19:00 





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