//AvanHeart at the LGBTQ Pride in Porto

AvanHeart at the LGBTQ Pride in Porto

Hi AvanHeart Family!

This month we have been celebrating the LGBTQ community, for all their achievements and also suffering. It is a time too pay respect to those that came before us, to those that are fighting for equal rights around the world, for those who are embracing their true self and spreading love, breaking the boundaries of discrimination.

The best way for me to end this month with a bang was to go to PRIDE in Porto, on Saturday, 1st July. The march that get´s together everyone that is fighting for equality and balance in society. I went and it was beautiful! So many people, so many communities (like Ponto Iris, Portugal Gay, Blergh, Parar o Machismo Construir a Igualdade…), so many colors, and laughter and fun moments.

AvanHeart at the LGBTQ Pride in Porto

It started at Praça da República, and it ended in Avenida dos Aliados. There were many people chanting, powerful words that spoke, somehow, to those that were just watching: “Here you can see the strength of LGBTQ people!”; “No to homophia, no to transphobia, no to racism,…” It was a beautiful thing to see so many people together, sharing a moment of honesty and light, and giving all they got to honor everyone struggling to be themselves every single day.

I want to tell you about a moment, a very intense moment that I´ve been through during the march. At a certain point, the march passed in one of the most famous streets in Porto, Santa Catarina, full of curious eyes, looking at what was going on. In that street there is a crossroad, and the police had to stop the cars from crossing while we were passing through. I could see that the drivers were getting impatience, and suddenly they start to honk loudly. I was at that moment in the cross road, listening to those cars and those people trying to keep us quiet and move faster. So I just put myself in front of the policeman and the cars and started screaming, like a war scream. Behind me, my fellow friends from the march, start screaming to, and with this demonstration the cars stopped honking. The beautiful ladies from the group Black Lesbians, stood in front of the cars and we did noise again, elevating their spirits. And a beautiful Drag Queen did the same, showing that all lives are valued and important.

“Here you can see the strength of LGBTQ people!”

I cannot begin to tell you, how important that moment was for me, how it gave me the energy and the joy to keep doing what it needs to be done. To continue to transform this company to give a helping hand to those who need it.

AvanaHeart was at the LGBTQ Pride in Porto, and will be at always to support this cause, these values, these amazing people! Now and forever…

Much love,

Rita Silva (Owner at AvanHeart Cosmetics)


Photos by PortugalGay.pt and Ponto Iris


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